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2024 BOD Election Info

The Fargo Youth Hockey Association has scheduled its 2024 Annual Meeting for 7:00pm at Fargo Billiards & Gastropub, located at:

3234 43rd St S
Fargo, ND 58104

The purpose of the FYHA Annual Meeting is to vote for the open positions on the Board of Directors.  This year the membership will be electing someone to serve as President in addition to three At-Large seats.

Per FYHA Bylaws the voting process is in-person and will only count if a quorum is reached.  A quorum is constituted by physical attendance of five percent of the household votes being present.  Each household gets two votes regardless if it has one player or five players.   Therefore a quorum will be reached when people constituting 56 total votes are signed into the meeting.

If a quorum is not met the Board of Directors will appoint and vote to approve the individuals to serve on the Board of Directors.

2024 Board of Directors Candidates For Open Positions

Candidate Bios Below - Check Back Frequently To View New Candidates


For a full explanation of all FYHA Board of Director positions CLICK HERE to view the FYHA Bylaws.  Article 8 covers the descriptions for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and At-Large seats.

President Candidates

Knipfer, JoDee

I have spent most of my life either involved in youth sports in the FM area or watching my kids play those sports. I have 3 daughters currently playing with the Freeze and have a strong desire to be a part of FYHA. Professionally, I have worked in the field of behavioral health for over 15 years as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Addiction Counselor. In my current role as the Regional Program Supervisor for The Village Family Service Center, I oversee/manage 4 large mental health programs consisting of over 30 counselors and numerous support staff. I am well versed in the importance of fiscal responsibility and calculating budgets as this is part of my current role. I understand the importance and need for policies/procedures to ensure a program is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. I possess strong leadership and communication skills and value integrity.

I have often been asked by others why I let my kids play hockey and my answer is always the same "it's not necessarily about the sport they are playing, it's about the lesson's they are learning, the connections they are making and the positive effects sports (hockey) can have on their mental and physical health".  I grew up in Fargo at a time there was not organized hockey for females so I played pond hockey with my brother and the boys. FYHA has grown over the years and I would like to be a part of continued growth.

Nyquist, Jared

My name is Jared Nyquist, I have been a member of the BOD for the last 4 years, originally serving in the role of Recruitment Director. My primary responsibility for FYHA has been the First Shift program. I have been involved in helping with First Shift for 6 years now and have been the primary lead for the last 4 seasons. We have seen our numbers change in the last few years and are looking to make some changes to the program for 2024. We have some unique challenges like decreasing enrollment for kindergarteners in the Fargo Public Schools as a primary example. We need to find new ways to get families excited about playing hockey and I look forward to helping to solve for this and other challenges as required. 

My passion for hockey began when I was 6 years old and lived in a small town outside of Grand Forks that didn’t have hockey. I had to walk clear across town and shovel off the pond to teach myself how to skate. When I was 10 we moved to Fargo and I began playing organized hockey for the Southside Flyers. I played for the Flyers through bantams and then went on to play at Fargo South for three seasons. I began coaching while I was living in Colorado and helped coach youth at the peewee, bantam and then one full season and part of a second with Team Colorado which was made up of the top midget (high school) players in the state. 

My family and I moved back to Fargo in 2016 and my son started in the First Shift program that fall. He will be a second year peewee next season. During my time in FYHA I have been a coordinator at the termite and mite level, served as a head coach of the bantam A team for one season and have coached my son’s teams for his first three years of travel hockey. I also coach a AAA spring/fall team. Hockey helped form me and taught me a great many lessons in life that I have tried to help pass on to the young women and men in our association. I am committed to helping FYHA to be the very best youth hockey program it can be.

I humbly ask for your support for another 2-year term. The current BODs has done some really outstanding work along with our current Executive Director to get the association into a position that is much more clear and stronger overall than it has been in years. I am proud of the work that the board has done and am excited about the opportunity to serve the families that make this program what it is. 

At-Large Candidates

Boe, Rebecca

My name is Rebecca Boe and I am writing to be considered for an at large seat on the Fargo Freeze board.

I live in South Fargo and my youngest son will be a first year Bantam with the Freeze organization.

I have been a hockey mom for 20 years. My oldest son played from termites through Bantams with a different association and has also coached a couple of seasons for the Freeze. My daughter played for 4 years with a different association and in high school she was a hockey cheerleader for Fargo South. My youngest son started as a mite with Fargo.

During my time as a hockey mom I have tried to stay as active and hands on as possible. I have done the items listed below including, but not limited to:

  • Been a team manager several times.
  • Held a delegate seat on the board of a youth hockey association.
  • Was the main contact person and on the organization committee when we put on state tournaments.
  • Worked with several other board members assisting with items such as raffle ticket hand out/collection, jersey hand out/turn in, helped hold team manager and team meetings, was the contact person for team managers, etc.

I would love the opportunity to learn more about the Freeze organization and assist in any way I can to help the future seasons to run smoothly.

Lillestol, John

My name is John Lillestol and I have been actively involved with the Freeze organization for the past six years. I've been a coach every season of my eldest daughter's hockey career and most recently the head coach of her first year of 10U. Throughout that time I've served as level director, made practice plans, lead practices, picked up kids, dropped off kids, tied more skates than I can count and am always willing to help when I'm asked. 

My dedication to this sport and organization can be seen in my attendance at practices and games which is almost 100%. I've spent the majority of my time on the coaching side and am ready to take the next step to help out on the organizational side. Anybody who has kids in hockey will agree that it becomes a huge part of your life and I can't think of a sport or organization that I would want to give more of my time to than this one. 

Ollenburger, Allie

As a passionate hockey mom and hockey enthusiast, I am excited to apply for a position on the Fargo Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors. My love for hockey runs deep, and I am eager to use my skills and experience to help grow the hockey program and ensure it runs effectively and efficiently.

I grew up in North Fargo watching hockey and playing hockey. I have a son, who will be a 2nd year squirt this upcoming season and have served as Team Manager for many years at different levels.  In my role as the Director of Strategy and Planning at Microsoft, I have honed my organizational skills, planning skills and developed a keen sense of creativity around making things run. I am confident that these skills will be invaluable in helping to develop life-long hockey players and lovers of the game.

I am committed to using my expertise to help the Fargo Youth Hockey Association achieve its goals and continue to thrive. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the board and make a meaningful contribution to the hockey community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Olson, Isaac

My name is Isaac Olson and I have been directly involved with Fargo Youth Hockey since 2020 serving as the head coach for the Bantam B teams 2020-22 and as a volunteer coach with my son from Termites and now completing his first year of Mites this season. My younger son will be a Termite next season as well. I have also served as a youth and high school hockey official since 2021. I grew up in north Fargo playing youth hockey for the Fargo Patriots and the Fargo Angels before playing high school at Shanley when they had their own program. Hockey has been a major part of my life as it has helped shape me into a leader and coach who is driven to develop youth players into not only better hockey players, but better human beings. After graduating high school, I immediately jumped into coaching going back to the Angels and learned more about the coaching and hockey operations. In my time with the Freeze as a parent and coach, I have learned more about the organizational side and what it takes to make a successful season from the top levels of youth hockey all the way to new skaters. 

I believe that with having younger kids in the FYHA program, I can lend a fresh voice to continue development of young skaters, improve how the younger programs are facilitated and communication improvements. I also believe I can be a voice for parent feedback that is given throughout the season to make Freeze hockey the best environment for kids on and off the ice. I appreciate your consideration for the position. 

Swanson, Crystal

I am confident that my experience could transform this organization into one that is thriving and financially sound. Although I don’t know a ton about hockey, I do have a lot of experience with finances and people- which I think are one of the largest factors in most organizations. The company I am currently employed with has grown over 300% in EFT and size in the past 5 years, now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. My goal would be to make the Fargo Youth Hockey association thrive financially with increased membership numbers, sponsorships and fundraisers.

In the last month I was a part of the leadership team (Director of Human Resources) that led the acquisition below which was an acquisition of hundreds of millions of dollars.