SCHEELS Squirt Olympics

All three weekends will be held at SCHEELS Arena and Farmers Union Insurance Center.

Players will be able to participate in our various skills competitions including a target shootout, relay race, obstacle course, and goalie race!

This event will start at 6:00pm with a Coaches Meeting at 5:00. At this meeting, we will discuss the tournament rules, expectations from the teams throughout the weekend, and the agenda for the Olympics. 

This event is not required, but highly recommended. 

Click HERE to fill out survey. ONE ENTRY PER TEAM

Submissions are due by:

Squirt B: 2/6/23
Squirt B1: 2/13/23
Squirt A: 2/20/23

We ask that players only get signed up for one event overall so that everyone has a chance to participate and the event moves along quickly. 

Here is an example of how the submission should be filled out:

A team has 14 players, including 2 goalies. If all players want participate, there should be 5 players on each the target shootout and the puck relay. This leaves the two goalies to participate in the goalie race and the last two players who did not do the target shootout or puck relay to do the obstacle course. 

Teams with larger numbers should go about doing this in the same way. Establish who is going to do the target shootout and puck relay and then the rest will do the obstacle course. There is no max on a number of players who can do the obstacle course, but no player may do more than one event.

SCHEELS Olympics Information & Demonstration Video

This video was used in 2021 when it was a Virtual format. It can be watched to give you an idea of what to expect the night of the Olympics.