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Reminder...Weather Cancellation Policy

By Admin, 11/16/18, 11:30AM CST


Weather Cancellation Policy    

FYHA follows the weather cancellation procedures adopted by the Fargo Park District (for in-town hockey events).  In the case of questionable/stormy weather conditions, please check the internet address: or call the Fargo Park District’s weather cancellation line at (701) 298-6915 ext 4. If the facilities stay open, the FYHA events will stay as scheduled. They will not list FYHA events as cancelled. For out of town hockey events, the weather cancellation procedures shall be as follows:   

1.  The FYHA hockey director and scheduler(s) shall consult with the level directors and coordinators for the initial decision if FYHA out of town games will be cancelled.

2. The appropriate level director shall be contacted by concerned individuals if their team does not agree with the decision.  (Coaches may not cancel out of town games at their discretion.)

3. The FYHA scheduler(s) shall contact the host town to cancel the game and contact the central scheduler about rescheduling the game(s) if possible.

4. The team manager or coaches shall contact their team’s families and inform them of the cancellation.  

5.  Parent/Guardians ultimately reserve the right to determine whether or not their child should travel to a hockey event out of town.  No discipline can occur from this reason for missing a game.

       **FYHA does not follow Fargo Public Schools cancellation decisions.


In addition, FYHA coaches may request to cancel practices/games with the approval of the Hockey Director and/or Level Director if weather/travel is a concern. All final decisions on cancellations will come from the Hockey DIrector and/or Level Director.  Parents/Guardians ultimately reserve the right to determine whether or not their child should participate in FYHA activities on any particular day. Children who don’t participate in FYHA hockey events due to questionable/stormy weather conditions will not be reprimanded for their absence.    


*Please be advised that parents/guardians should always be sure the arena is open and staffed when dropping a child off for FYHA activities.